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1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before they turn 18. But that is just the statistic.  Millions of sex abuse cases aren’t reported because victims are shamed and guilted into silence.
Let's teach our children it's ok to tell.  

Our Mission:
To strengthen the bond between mothers and daughters through information, education, empowerment, support and understanding to combat child molestation, incestuous abuse
and domestic violence.

What We Do

  1. Networks & Resources
    Connecting people, communities and organizations to provide an effective network of resources for women, girls and survivors of incest, sexual abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.
  2. Awareness
    PLL sheds light on issues that affect the community by presenting at social events, civic meetings and conferences. Through the public appearances made by our founder, Aziza Kibibi, and our social media campaigns, we raise awareness on the issues by providing facts, tools and resources to the community.
  3. Family Empowerment Fair
    This community event encourages bonding among families while educating them on important issues like self defense and awareness of civil, human and legal rights. It is also a place where other service providers that help support families will share their information and services.
  4. Donate
    PLL is funded by tax deductible donations from the public. We depend solely on contributions made by caring and concerned individuals, as well as awards and grants from corporate and government entities.
  5. GWGYC Packages
    "Girl, We've Got You Covered" provides health and beauty products to women with children escaping their abusers. Visit the GWGYC page for more information on our collection site locations.
  6. Social Support
    Through our collaborations, we provide a support system for those who have been affected by child molestation, DV, incestuous abuse and sexual assault. Part of PLL's mission is to strengthen the community by providing parents with the tools they need to raise happy, healthy kids into confident people.
  7. Survivor Support Groups
    Currently held once a month in East Orange, New Jersey, this group meeting is a safe space, free and open to anyone who may have been affected by child molestation, incestuous abuse, sexual assault and/or domestic violence. Using the helper therapy principle, attendees can get support while giving support. See below for meeting dates and times.

"A positive outlook is the first step to positive actions which lead to positive results." 

PLL Depends on your help.
Make a tax deductible donation today. 


Provides pamphlets with supportive information to 10 woman escaping abuse.

Provides 1 GWGYC survivor kits to 2 women escaping abuse.

Provides 60 pamphlets for resources and services to a doctors office.

Pays for 1 self defense workshop for 3 girls

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2018 Survivor's Support Group Schedule
  1. 12/10
  2. 01/09/19
        would like to thank our sponsors, collaboraters and contributers.
  1. Burger King of East Orange
    Burger King of East Orange
  2. Costco Wholesale
    Costco Wholesale
  3. Uber Jumpstart Grant
    Uber Jumpstart Grant
  4. Essex County Child Abuse Prevention Project
    Essex County Child Abuse Prevention Project