Our Board

Precious Little Ladies Inc. is comprised of individuals who are dedicated to protecting, informing and empowering women, and supporting girls and families. Below are our current board members; a family supplimented by volunteers with room to grow. 
Rev. Jean Maurice is the Senior Pastor of The Temple Of Unified Christians Brick Church in East Orange New Jersey.  His leadership and community outreach expertise are invaluable to PLL's mission.

"I believe that women are the foundation of our society and children are the heart of the community. I am inspired by this organization on many levels." 
Rev. Jean Maurice 
Board Member

With over 8 years in finance and 5 years in video production, combined with her history as a Cover Girl and in fashion, Aikasha brings a unique and benificial perspective to the nonprofit sector.

"Being a mother comes with enough challenges. As a single mom, I support PLL because its mission helps to prepare and encourage women and girls. This organization is a necessity to all genders, communities, sexes, ethnicities and essentially, society." 
Aikasha Mundle
Secretary/Board Member
Robin Baker is a rising star in film and television. With a background in graphic design he brings over 25 years of marketing and public relations experience to our efforts in the community. 

"This organization matters to me because Aziza's story is one of the most inspiriational that I've ever heard. It compels me to do whatever I can to assist her and my community" 
Robin Baker
Board Member
Founder and President
Aziza Kibibi McGill-Ayinde
Author, activist and media personality, Aziza Kibibi, started Precious Little Ladies to help provide families with the resources that she and her mother did not have access to. As a survivor of child molestation, incestuous abuse and domestic violence, and as the mother of her biological brother and sisters, Aziza knows the importance of awareness, advocacy and support that women and children need. 

"If my mother had the strength and information she needed to protect me,
the abuse I suffered from my father would not have lasted as long as it did.
I believe it is important for women to feel empowered so
that they can be allies for their daughters."