#ItsOkToTell Day​, March 16th.

Activities for It's Okay To Tell Day and Month




  • Design a school assembly to educate students on talking to guidence councelors and nurses.
  • Practice age appropriate reinactments and plays of what secrets shouldn't be kept. 
  • Encourage students not to bully for "tattling"
  • Tell your children that March 16th is a "window" for them to tell you anything without getting in trouble.
  • Practice throughout the month, educating your children on what to do if someone touches them innapropriatly.  
  • Watch age appropriate videos with your children, that educate on child abuse prevention. 
  • Hold community events that educate on sex abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. 
  • Create an enviornment at work that supports survivors of abuse.
  • Contribute to the conversation on social media using hashtags #ItsOKToTell and #NotAlone