Thank you Investigation Discovery 
Our Founder, Aziza Kibibi featured on Evil Lives Here, Season 5; episode 10, "One of HIs Women."
On March 24th, our founder and president, Aziza Kibibi, was featured on Discovery Network's ID Channel (Investigation Discovery). She shared her story on a show titled Evil Lives Here, in an effort to continue to raise awareness, inspire and show support for survivors of child molestation, domestic violence, incestuous abuse and sexual assault.
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  1. Support Makes the Strong Stronger
  2. There's a Precious Little Lady In Us All
  3. Fathers, learn how to protect your daughters.
    Fathers, learn how to protect your daughters.
1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before they turn 18.
But that is just the statistic.  Millions of sex abuse cases aren’t reported
because victims are shamed and guilted into silence.
To help change the stigma associated with speaking out,
PLL is designating March as National #ItsOkToTell Month.
Let's teach our children it's ok to tell.  


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Our Missi​​​​​​on
Strenthening the bond between mothers and daughters through information, communications, education, empowerment and support, to combat child molestation, incestuous abuse and domestic violence.​​​​​​​​​​​​
"Girl, We've Got You Covered" provides health and beauty products to women with children escaping their abusers. Visit the GWGYC page for more information on our collection
site locations. 
This group meeting is a safe space, free and open to anyone who may have been affected by child molestation, incestuous abuse, sexual assault and/or domestic violence. Using the helper therapy principle, attendees can get support while giving support. See below for meeting dates and times.
  1. Executive Director
    In Vieques Peurto Rico
    In association with William Paterson University, our founder and president Aziza Kibibi, brought our awareness raising campaign to Vieques PR, donated GWGYC Survivor bags to families and assisted in Hurricane Maria recovery efforts.
  2. Executive Director
    Partnerships and collaborations are important to the efficacy of our work.
  3. Executive Director
    "Girl We've Got You Covered!"
    Delivering GWGYC survivor packages to DV shelters.
  4. Executive Director
    We work with legislatives and government officials to not only bring awareness but add to the narrative of changing and amending laws to protect victims and survivors.
  5. Executive Director
    Awareness Raising Campaigns
    It's important that we speak to the youth about how to protect themselves.
  6. Executive Director
    Seminars and Workshops
    Knowledge is power and the first step to prevention and healing. By providing workshops and giving presentations, PLL keeps the issues at the forefront of the conversation.
  7. Executive Director
    City Clean Up
    PLL takes holistic approach by participating in various community events.
  8. Executive Director
    Family Empowerment Fair
    A free event that helps families identify resources in the community. Free workshops on self defense and sex abuse prevention.
  9. Executive Director
    PLL Survivor Support Group
    We've been asked to conduct our survivor support group at different locations.

Our Programs

PLL sheds light on issues that affect the community by presenting at social events, civic meetings and conferences. Through the public appearances made by our founder, Aziza Kibibi, and our social media campaigns, we raise awareness on the issues by providing facts, tools and resources to the community.  
This community event encourages bonding among families while educating them on important issues like self defense and awareness of civil, human and legal rights. It is also a place where other service providers that help support families will share their information and services. 
Our Work: A Timeline, 2018
How You Can Help
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