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"Together we can make a change."

Please share our work and encourage your friends, ​​​family and colleagues to give towards the prevention of child molestation and domestic violence.
For volunteer opportunites please email [email protected]
Precious Little Ladies (PLL) is an organization that looks to provide services for families to prevent child molestation, incestuous abuse and domestic violence. While strengthening the bond between mothers and daughters through workshops, education and support, we  serve as a resource and advocate for parents, children, families, victims and survivors.

Comprised of understanding individuals specializing in human rights advocacy, social work, spiritual practice, education, and personal experience, PLL  focuses on building trust with all those we help. 

We also partner with other organizations and work with local legislatives to determine how best to serve the community. 

PLL is recognized under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code making all donation made to PLL tax deductible.  
Please give a gift today.