Who We Are

Precious Little Ladies (PLL) is an organization that looks to provide services for families to prevent child abuse, child molestation and domestic violence. While strengthening the foundation of the family through workshops and support, we will serve as a resource and advocate for parents, children, families, victims and survivors.​​

Comprised of understanding individuals specializing in human rights advocacy, social work, spiritual practice, education, and personal experience, PLL will focus on building trust with all those we help.​​
What does the PLL heart mean?

Our symbol was specially designed with our mission in mind. Inspired by the African Adinkra symbols Dwennimen 1 (The Earth is Heavy), and Dwennimen 2 (Rams Horns), together their significance translates to mean "The spiritual power of God and mother earth, through humility and strength."
Goals and Objectives
   Our primary objective is to enlighten, inform and educate mothers on how to build stronger bonds with their girl children. Females are our focus because the pandemic of sexual abuse and domestic violence primarily victimizes females.

Because we understand that all children are victimized, PLL will focus on parenting and familial support in general. By offering free workshops that parents can voluntarily attend, we will encourage a proactive attitude.

And by partnering with other nonprofit organizations who's goals aline with ours, PLL is able to connect those we help with other service providers as well as access more that need our help.