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  non-profit corporation
Please Be Advised. 
The January Survivor Support Group Meeting has been cancelled. Please join us for our next support group on Wednesday February 14th. See below for details.  

"A positive outlook is the first step to positive actions which lead to positive results." 

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We were selected as the New Jersey recipient of this award for 2017! 

What We Do

  1. Networks & Resources
    Connecting people, communities and organizations to provide an effective network of resources for women, girls and survivors of incest, sexual abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.
  2. Awareness
    PLL sheds light on issues that affect women and girls by presenting at social events, civic meetings and conferences. We also employ the use of social media to help measure our impact and raise awareness.
  3. Education & Workshops
    Our workshops encourage bonding between mothers and their daughters while educating them on important issues like self defense and awareness of civil, human and legal rights.
  4. Donate
    Contribute health and beauty products to our "Girl, We've Got You Covered" program or contribute monetary donations to help in our efforts to prevent sexual abuse and domestic violence against women and children.
  5. GWGYC Packages
    "Girl, We've Got You Covered" provides health and beauty products to women with children escaping their abusers. Visit the GWGYC page for more information on our collection site locations.
  6. Maternal Support
    We provide a support system for mothers and mothers-to-be. Girls look to their moms for advice and guidance. Part of PLL's mission is to provide parents with the tools they need to raise happy, healthy girls into confident, independent women.

Our Mission:
To strengthen the bond between mothers and daughters through information, education, empowerment, support and understanding in order to combat child molestation, abuse, incest and domestic violence.